FLUID named to Curve Magazine's Hottest Lesbian Plays

FLUID, described as "smart and comic," holds its own amongst the top ten "Hottest Lesbian Plays" of 2008, as chosen by Curve's Rachel Lastra.
Hey, we'll take it!
Curve Magazine, web-article 2008.

"FLUID is a must-see. Don't miss it!"

- Dr. Carol Queen, Sexologist
Director, San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture

Audience Raves

San Francsico Audience Reviews
Reviewer: Becki, 5 Stars
"Just went last night to see the opening night of Fluid - and adored it... funny, inspiring, informative.. and it really felt good to have the "bisexual" (a term she kind of debunks for its binary-ness) point-of-view so eloquently put forth.. it's not often that one can be entertained and a little bit healed in just over an hour!! ... Hope you go!"

"BECAUSE" 3-29-08 Blog Response Over lunch there was a theatrical one-woman performance by Erika Kate MacDonald that had an especially powerful effect on me. It was the first time I can recall hearing a story so similar to my own journey with sexual identity, and it was affirming while also illuminating just how alone I've felt in my experiences. I've known lesbians and I've known bisexuals, but I guess I haven't had significant interactions with other people who have transitioned from a lesbian to a bisexual identity like I did. I know that others are out there, but I don't think I've heard the intimate details of another person's story that so strongly related to my own before today.

Sexuality, with a side of WNGWJLEO. A Wheaton audience member combines her response to the show with a review of (outed former governor of NJ) Jim McGreevy's autobiography The Confession, wrapping up with a sexuality survey. On her blog "Journal of an Integra Fangirl." Warning: there's 3 pages of survey responses!

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"...the real star of the show is her stage presence, charming, playful, and, yes, sexy. In fact, that's one of the driving dynamics of the show -- the way that she both manages to effectively send up how ridiculous the mystique of the bisexual woman is, while simultaneously using it to her advantage."
MN Fringe blogger P.L.

"Written and performed by Erika Kate McDonald, this piece about sexual identity is a searing indictment of standard gender definitions. McDonald and director Sophie Nimmannit craftily piece together a presentation of acting, rap, lecture, and complex algebra which explains that gender is not as simple as it seems."
4 out of 5 stars. MN blogger S.M.

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"Erika Kate MacDonald's Fluid is smart, sensual and razor-sharp funny. Salty and seductive, Fluid grabs us from the start as it tackles the many incarnations of queer identity with honest humor and unabashed confidence. Whether through its pointed character portrayals or MacDonald's self-described "teenage lesbian rap", Fluid is an experience for the gay, straight, bi, and the unclassifiable. A delightful spark of insight, shamelessly penetrating stereotypes and misconceptions, MacDonald's intriguing physicality and unwavering commitment to the absurdity of the truth make Fluid not to be missed!"
-J, after FLUID's previewed excerpts at Femme-tastic.
(March 2007, Gene Frankel Theater)

In the News

Featured Artist: 5 Questions and 5 Minutes with "Fluid" star

Outward Spiral Theater's Associate Artistic Director, Jason Bucklin, interviews Erika Kate.

On KFAI "Art Matters"

Host Marya Morstad interviews Erika Kate, Jill Anna Ponasik from "Loss of Breath," and Phat Bob, Chelley McLear and Aisling Doherty from the Belfast Poets Touring Group.
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"FLUID" Takes Sexuality to the Center Stage

Article in The Wheaton Wire by Tara Vocino

Play Dates: Hot Tickets at the Fringe Festival

in Lavender Magazine, by John Townsend
"If you’re looking for sharp commentary on the binary, either/or way society looks at gender and desire, there’s FLUID. Brooklyn’s Erika Kate MacDonald plays Betty the Bisexual and a badass teenage lesbian rap star."
Art Section Contents, featuring Erika
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The Onion, Twin Cities

America's Finest News Source
Highlights of the 2007 Fringe Festival
"Who can resist a show that promises to be a 'sexploration'? New York theater artists Erika Kate MacDonald explores the boundaries of queerdom with a work that features a bisexual woman in rhapsody over 'advanced linguistics,' and includes songs like "Raise the Mast," and "Identify Yourself."


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